Stefano Sala wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Stefano Sala wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Stefano Sala, also known by the name of “Sablas” is definitely one of the most talented name of our country. Born in 1990, native of Como, for some years is the face of men’s formal wear collections by Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, accompanying the Maison at the events for the presentation of the collections in Milan.
Stefano Sala is the emblem of the modern dandy with a touch of style and elegance that make his personality as unique.

Uniqueness and excellence summarise the lines that trace this groom outfit exclusively created for Cleofe Finati Ceremony line by Archetipo. Born two years ago in our style office, this men outfit has marked a true turning-point in the world of formal wear and within the Cleofe Finati wedding suits collection, upending the male collective image.
A true full line of ceremonial outfits is inspired by this groom jacket, centred on fashion and style combined in innovative and contemporary tailored fits – that is how the avant-garde fashion line is created and composed of wedding suits dedicated to the groom leading together with the bride in the wedding.


Single-breasted groom jacket with three buttons, high fastening and small single-breasted high collar worn upright to streamline the body or worn down. The armhole is high and the lean sleeve has an open sleeve placket fastened with a strap. We notice the beauty of the opening at the bottom that opens up near the pockets, leaving uncovered the belt of the trousers that are slender and with a simple line.
We observe the back of this jacket that outlines and renders the figure lean, we note the two central cuts that become flaps, emphasising the walking during the wedding day.
Wedding suit made in our wool (60%) and silk (40%) satin with one of the 2017 trendy colours and especially the “china blue”, a hue with a washed and crumpled shade of indigo.
We fall in love with the volumetric and grainy texture of the 100% jacquard silk brocade inspired by pop art and geometric patterns from the 60s drawing the waistcoat and the accessories. We admire these geometric patterns that emulate a cashmere design through flotté wisteria effects on medium grey satin backgrounds for the waistcoat, combined with the double Ascot of the same medium grey with a petal pink pattern knotting a shiny 100% silk satin, we find the same pink patterns in the deep black sediments of waist belt.
A shirt in silk (51%) and cotton (49%) milk white satin emphasises the wisteria of cashmere patterns of the suspenders in black brocade with its applications on the neck and wrists.
The look is completed by a double pocketchief on which we will sculpt our wisteria jewel-rose crowned by a second pocketchief in black brocade crossed by wisteria patterns.
A moccasin in nuanced velour, in perfect harmony with the colours of the outfit, completes and details the look.
A sophisticated and contemporary groom outfit, very attentive to trends in 2017, an absolutely unique and exclusively model created for Cleofe Finati Ceremony line by Archetipo.

Here the  Stefano Sala’s interview…

  • What would you change about yourself? I’m happy for now
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Alternative, crazy, romantic
  • Who inspires you? My great dad
  • Your must-have in the wardrobe? A black tuxedo
  • Your favorite perfume: Eau Sauvage

Watch the video of Stefano Sala on the Youtube channel Cleofe Finati

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