Stefano Sala, Andrea Marcaccini & Andrea Offredi

Stefano Sala, Andrea Marcaccini & Andrea Offredi

For 2016, Cleofe Finati offers ARS LIFE, an experience in which the word “art”, understood as creative output capable of arousing feelings and emotions as well, it joins the word “life”, that has to be considered in its most joyous meaning. ARS LIFE is therefore an expression of vivacity and color, expression of refined elegance and exclusive and abundance of grace and sophistication, but at the same time it is related to the concept of living our life as a work of art.

We take inspiration from everything around us, things but above all people, those who decided to live them as a true work of art, for this reason Cleofe Finati by Archetipo is inspired by the faces and models of his creations: Stefano Sala, Andrea Marcaccini and Andrea Offredi.

Stefano Sala Andrea Marcaccini Andrea Offredi Dayane Mello Cleofe Finati by Archetipo Ars Life 2

Deep look and so much beauty. Stefano Sala, also known by the name of “Sablas” is definitely one of the most talented name of our country. Born in 1990, native of Como, for some years is the face of men’s formal wear collections by Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, accompanying the Maison at the events for the presentation of the collections in Milan.
Stefano Sala is the emblem of the modern dandy with a touch of style and elegance that make his personality as unique. In private life it is engaged to Dayane Mello, the beautiful Brazilian model, with which Stefano is parent of Sofia called Bubi. At leisure time Stefano Sala enjoys spending time with his beautiful girlfriend Dayane Mello and their little Sofia, as a good family man does!

Stefano Sala Andrea Marcaccini Andrea Offredi Dayane Mello Cleofe Finati by Archetipo Ars Life 1

Beard and rebel hair, tattooed body and magnetic eyes. Andrea Marcaccini, class 90 “is definitely one of the most promising models in our country. His distinctive look made him not only one of the most popular models of the moment, but also a social media influencers with strong impact: many are in fact the guys who are inspired by his look, just because Andrea Marcaccini is the emblem of the man who made of his life a work of art in every sense, becoming as iconic, unique and powerful influencer. In free time he loves to travel and enjoy his life.

Stefano Sala Andrea Marcaccini Andrea Offredi Dayane Mello Cleofe Finati by Archetipo Ars Life 3

Intense eyes and good guy appearance, we’re talking about Andrea Offredi, face and model Cleofe Finati by Archetipo with an elegant, sophisticated and chic style. From TV to the catwalks Andrea Offredi has always maintained that attitude of the next door boy, smart and talented. He loves to travel, take pictures and share the most beautiful moments with his followers through the social or on his Fashion&Lifestyle Blog. In his free time, he spend time for sports, friends and family, to which he’s very close.

These are the first 3 models of the 7 of “Ars Life People”!
Who inspires you? Stefano Sala, Andrea Marcaccini or Andrea Offredi?

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