Smoking. What, when, how, and above all why?

Smoking. What, when, how, and above all why?

Considering that smoking hurts, we can not deny that it has influenced the history of fashion…

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Smoking. What? When? How? And above all why?
I believe that smoking may be used only as a matter of style and not necessarily to the point that it becomes a habit!
There is no denying that seeing a nice guy with a pipe and a Tight give us the image of a gentleman elegant and refined that it is, as it is considered that the choice of cigars, like wine, requires some knowledge.
We can see, thanks to the movies, which gave special importance to the smoke, thanks to the introduction of many objects used to accompany the way to smoke, known as the snitch, which become fashionable in the Roaring 20’s thanks to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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The problem of smoking is that it is used as the anti-stress, thus turning into a real defect. It can definitely be a way to relax, but I am sure that in order to eliminate stress you just have to go out and have a good walk or go for a coffee with friends, and instill in all things, as long as done moderation and attention, you can always find the positive aspects!

by Helena Cleofe Finati

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