“Silberparty” at Die Braut: 25 years of passion and dedication to weddings

“Silberparty” at Die Braut: 25 years of passion and dedication to weddings

Today we talk about a story of passion and dedication to the fashion ceremony and wedding, the story of Manuela Pichner, owner of Die Braut, and of her successes.

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In 1985, while studying at the University of Mainz, Faculty of Chemistry, Manuela has worked for years as sales assistant in the family showroom on Saturdays and during holidays. The passion for fashion bride was born just like that, during these years.
1990 marks a very important date for Manuela and her career in the ceremony field: the opening of Ladenpassage and the foundation and the opening of Die Braut, at that time of 80sqm and still run by her parents, Christina and Claus Lösch, already owners of Brautmoden Christina in Mannheim.

The passion and dedication of Manuela to the wedding industry are so strong, that after her marriage to Markus Pichner, they decide to move to a larger environment business and decide to buy the company Die Braut from her parents.
Meanwhile Die Braut has grown and has become a specialist. The showroom also has a tailor’s shop, so as to provide the customer with a complete and excellent service.

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The number of assistants has increased, so to better manage both the increasing number of customers and the collections of international designers, which could be best presented with new spaces.
From here a huge expansion with the opening of Braut-Galerie in Mörlenbach, the opening of “XXL Studio” and also the shift of the atelier in 200 sqm near the shop, the complete renovation of the existing store to Wasserschaden and the enlargement of the men’s department with new spaces in the same store.

In 2000 starts the partnership with Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, made ever more solid over the years thanks to the construction of experience, the deep knowledge of the ceremony industry and to the knowledge of how to operate with excellence, elements that unite the Maison Haute Couture and the atelier Die Braut.

On the occasion of the 25 years of activity, the atelier Die Braut organized a unique and special event named “Silberparty”, that will be held next Saturday, October the 24th, just wanting to celebrate the so-called “silver anniversary”, during which between games, drinking and entertainment, they will also present the new collections Cleofe Finati 2016.

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