September grooms in Cleofe Finati

September grooms in Cleofe Finati


A suit of extreme beauty and exclusivity, reinvented from the jacket of Charlie Chaplin that intends to present in perfect Cleofe Finati style the emblem of the modern Charlot, the suit is of the fashion avant-garde line, bought by the groom Giuseppe Solazzo at Gilmoda, Cleofe Finati by Archetipo store in Villa Cortese (MI).

Gli Sposi Di Settembre a Firma Cleofe Finati1

Look at the cut, with a single-breasted jacket with a small single-breasted collar, high fastening. Note the beauty of the opening at the bottom that opens up to the height of the pockets, uncovering the waist of the trousers.
Observe the back of this jacket that outlines and slims.Very short waistcoat with a very fashionable cut.
The fabric of the suit is a beautiful silk wool with a small percentage of elastane, yarn-dyed in our “undefined blacks” which remain luminous, in natural fibre that illuminates and illuminates the wearer in a refined and elegant way. Art and poetry are expressed through the fabric chosen for the accessories, extremely precious brocade rich in contrasts.
Pure poetry by Cleofe Finati by Archetipo

Gilmoda Via dell’Industria 23 – Provinciale Legnano-Inveruno Villa Cortese (MI)
Tel. +39 0331 433334

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