“Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style”

“Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style”

News in Maison Archetipo, which in terms of style and trends for groom is always one step ahead and this time it shows revisiting the total look of the collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, combining them in order to look different, to create new and less formal outfits, but always with a strong and unique style that distinguishes the Haute Couture brand .

Thus was born “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style” the section of the Archetipo Blog which aims to show to all the grooms who choose a suit of the Cleofe Finati collections, with photos, ideas and advices, how to restyle their Archetipo suit not opting for the total look, but just choosing only one or more parts of it, to match even to the everyday style.

It is in this way that a Cleofe Finati jacket styled with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers creates the perfect outfit for a glam but not too formal aperitivo, or a Cleofe Finati vest combined with a trench coat, a shirt, trousers and brogues lends itself as a perfect look for a walk on Sunday morning in the city center.

Behind each section, category or idea of a blog to be respected, there are of course faces, protagonists… then we present the Archetipo profiles that are behind the blog and the new section “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”, that every month will help blog readers to reinvent their look signed by Cleofe Finati!

Paolo Iannettone: “Blogger and Stylist”Restyle your Cleofe Finati style
Last entry in Maison Archetipo in 2014. Already Press manager and blogger, now also stylist at the new section of the Archetipo Blog “Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style”Before starting his career in the fashion industry, Paolo studied linguistics, then he finished his education with an MA in Fashion Communication & Social Media Management. His passions are basically two: fashion and writing. “I love to talk, to communicate, but the real kind of communication that allows me to express what I have inside is writing: it’s just me and my thoughts that slowly take shape on a paper or on the desktop of my laptop and allows me to “shout” to the world my point of view, although remaining silent” he says. When not writing or busy in activities related to fashion, Paolo cultivates many interests: he loves art, ballet and culture in general, he practices different sports, and as he can, armed with a trolley and a reflex, he travels in search of inspiration around the world… and when not physically traveling, he does it with the mind, because, as he says: “a true creative person goes beyond things, beyond the tangible and his mind can explore realities that lead him to see and interpret where anyone else would fail… this is the secret: to be “different”, a little crazy and always to be able to see beyond!

The Models of “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”
Jerry Tumaku:Restyle your Cleofe Finati style
Sales Manager of the Italian market in Archetipo, Jerry is beautiful inside and outside, and this is is because behind the serious attitude he hides one of the most cheerful, kind and caring person. For years Jerry is part of the Team Archetipo, because, before he even take care of the sales in the Italian market, he has been the face of the Maison Haute Couture, which has therefore allowed to put into practice one of his greatest passions: to work as model!
But Jerry is something else beyond fashion and between the activities he loves to do there is with no doubt snowboarding, he says: “I can just disconnect from the daily routine I love going to the mountains and snowboarding; it is a sport that frees my mind and gives me the charge and the right determination to start again “.
But when he is not at work or snowboarding, what Jerry does?! It’s easy: long walks in motorcycle, his other great passion!
Between the 2 models of Restyle your Cleofe Finati style Jerry is: The professional model with a sophisticated style and a romantic personality.

Dei 2 modelli di Restyle your Cleofe Finati style Jerry é:Nicola Beltrame:
Cold eyes and great personality: these are the first things you notice in Nicola, the Logistics Manager at Archetipo from 2013 and for this section of the blog model of “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”. Nicola loves sports, and practices gym and when not working in Archetipo, he loves spending his days in the company of friends.
His greatest passion, however, is always toward the two wheels: Nicola, in fact, practices racing motocross and thanks to this in the weekend he takes the opportunity to escape from the chaos of the city, to travel to mountain riding his bike!
Between the 2 models of Restyle your Cleofe Finati style Nicola is: the rock style model with a rebellious personality.

So, these are the profiles of the new section of Style & Fashion of the Archetipo Blog, that every month, under the guidelines and the style advices of Paolo and the alternating shots of Jerry and Nicola, will show you the easiest and glam way to… Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style!

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