“Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”

No jacket, hat and plastron… bluejeans replacing the pants of the total look Cleofe Finati and that’s how it comes to life the second outfit of “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”!

Restyle your Cleofe Finati style
The restyling takes inspiration from the wonderful suit that opened the fashion show worn by Andrea Marcaccini.
Irony and absolute elegance in this suit which is the combination between tradition and avant-garde.
Absolute innovation, the very short and absolutely fashion jacket, high cut in the waist, pocket placed high in order to give emphasis to the details of the body.
The interpretation that is given by Archetipo is the realization in this expression of tone burgundy color, trend of 2015, in a satin silk & wool, 100% made in Italy.
One of the creations of the 2015 collection signed by Cleofe Finati that obtained the greatest impact, also demanded by the main fashion magazines.
A refined and stylish suit in its total look, bold and of strong impact in its restyling!

And you readers of the Archetipo Blog…what do you think about this violet suit? Do you prefer it in total look or in its restyling?

Restyle your Cleofe Finati style1Restyle your Cleofe Finati styleRestyle your Cleofe Finati style3

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