“Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”

“Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”

Dear readers of the Archetipo Blog, here we are: starts “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”, the new section of the blog that every month offers a restyling of the total look of the collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo.

"Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style"

For this first outfit I chose to revisit the total look of the Line Fashion d’avanguardia by Cleofe Finati, with its absolute innovation and Dandy inspiration with the jacket reinvented from the jacket of Charlie Chaplin, which fully reflects the mood of the collection Cleofe Finati 2015 “the sky is not the limit…be inspired”. Pure magic for this creation that expresses its beauty through the magical color “sugar paper”, pantone trend in 2015, capable of making every man as a prince of extreme elegance.

The restyling took life from a simple idea: that to transform the modern Cleofe Finati prince, in the every day boy, the one of next door, which leads a simple and common life.
In particular, the mood of this outfit is : “Afternoon at the park”.
Hat and pants Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, paired with a denim shirt, a white t-shirt with print and sneakers with colored socks in view, create the perfect look for a walk at the park with friends, with your dog… or, if you prefer, simply to live “the adventures” of the of every day life, wearing the uniqueness and the magic of Cleofe Finati in a completely innovative way!

Here are some shots of the outfit worn by Jerry…what you think of this first look of “Restyle your Cleofe Finati style”?

"Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style""Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style""Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style""Restyle your Cleofe Finati Style"

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