Real Weddings: Sven & Natalie

Real Weddings: Sven & Natalie

I had the pleasure to interview Sven & Natalie, one of the contestant couples of the photo contest “Archetipo Brides & Grooms” 2015 edition. I congratulate the couple for the choice of a Cleofe Finati suit and I invite all the followers to read their special love story…

Matrimoni Autentici abito da sposo 100& made in italy cleofe finati by archetipo

– Please tell me of your first date.
Sven: For our first date we went to a small pub playing darts. We had a lot of fun and when it was time for the final round we walked to her home where we said goodbye.

– Who made the marriage proposal? How did it happen?
Natalie: The proposal was made by him on Christmas Eve at my family’s home. It was a total surprise only my sister knew of. She said she has a surprise for all of us and send everyone into the bedroom to prepare it. Only my husband should help her to carry something heavy. Then she first took my parents blindfolded into the living room and me last. When the blindfold came up I was standing in the middle of the living room, in a heart of candles with him standing in front of me. He started to talk about something I forgot, went down on his knee and showed me a ring….only then I realized he wanted to marry me.

Matrimoni Autentici abito da sposo 100& made in italy cleofe finati by archetipo3

– Question for him: What was your first thought when you looked at yourself in the mirror wearing your Cleofe Finati suit?
Sven: Guess we’re done here!

– Question for her: What was your first thought when you saw him wearing his Cleofe Finati suit?
Natalie: Who is that good looking guy in the front….oh wow!

– And now dedicate a love song to each other…
Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind. Because it was the song for our wedding dance.

If you like Sven & Natalie’s photos you can vote for them on the Archetipo website

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