Pied de poule by Cleofe Finati

Pied de poule by Cleofe Finati

Tradition and innovation of the iconic pattern

Undisputed symbol of elegance and timeless trend, the pied de poule is confirmed as one of the most loved by designers and by VIPS, who to the new and unusual combinations of color, continue to prefer the classic version in black and white.
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Consecrated in 1947 by Christian Dior as a synonym for elegance and style, so that the designer decided to use it for the packaging of the fragrance Miss Dior, the pied de poule states over the years, up to the present day as fancy optical emblematic pattern.
The actual date of birth is not certain to the history of fashion and costume, but we are definitely in 1800 in Scotland, when the pied de poule was originally worn by shepherds. In the early 1800s, was widely used for scarves and skirts, but over time it became popular to coat objects of furniture, until from years 30 of 900 it starts to be adopted by the wealthy classes as a symbol of wealth and elegance, to stand out from the crowd.
The name comes from the French and means literally “chicken foot”, in fact, the pattern rreminds to a crow’s foot. The fabric is obtained with an armor twill and a particular order of colors in the threads of the warp and weft of alternating groups of four black wires and four whites together. It is primarily implemented in carded or combed wool, although there are versions in cotton and artificial fibers.
Cleofe Finati reinterprets the pied de poule with the suits of the collection 2016 in which this noble fiber is mixed to bright colors and shades that attract and repel each other, creating optical games, in a balanced blend of tradition and innovation that aims to the excellence and the refined elegance typical of the Maison Haute Couture.

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