Oliver Sanne interview

We talked about it on our own blog some time ago: Oliver Sanne, in the role of the Bachelor, was looking for the perfect woman. (Here)

While the program is still showing the recorded episodes of the dating game, Oliver came back to Germany, where he’s very busy with his job as personal trainer and as model.

The Archetipo Team went to Lo&Go, German store of Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, in order to interview Oliver, who, meanwhile, was preparing himself for a photoshoot. Among changes of clothes and cute moments, the interview begins:

– Hello Oliver, how are you?
I’m fine thanks! I am happy to do this interview with you

– First of all we wanted to congratulate you for your experience in Der Bachelor, we saw a few episodes and you’ve been very good!
Thank You! It was really a great experience

– We know that in the last episode you wear a Cleofe Finati by Archetipo suit
Yes, I really like the Cleofe Finati

– Tell us about your experience as “Der Bachelor” and about your answer when RTL contacted you
That as Bachelor was a new experience: before, infact, I had always known girls in the traditional way, on the street or in clubs, but it was quite boring. So when RTL contacted me asking me to be the fourth protagonist of Der Bachelor, I immediately accepted: i loved the idea to know and date with girls in a completely different way.

– What will change in your life now?
I have always worked in the sports and fitness, and even now I have so many requests as a personal trainer, so I’d like to expand this business and at the same time stay in the world of fashion: I started as Mr. Germany, now let’s see how it evolves…

– How Many girls there were in the TV program?
There were 22 Bachelorette, all there to court me

– No One knows the name of the girl you chose to “Der Barchelor”. Would you like to say it in exclusive to the Archetipo?
Unfortunately I can not anticipate anything, you have to follow the program

– It’s ok, don’t worry! Give us at least a little detail
She is a smiling girl, she has long hair and shining eyes

After the interview we sayd goodbye to Oliver.
Oliver’s career is increasing, and we wish him always the best for his future.
We were not able to know something more about the Bachelorette who captured Oliver’s heart, but at least we know that she did it using the oldest and most effectivearts of seduction: deep look and bright smile!

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