October grooms in Cleofe Finati

October grooms in Cleofe Finati


“Future Paths”, this is the theme of Tailcoat of the Linea Immagine by Cleofe Finati, inspired to the end of ‘800 and the beginning of ‘900, bought at Centro Moda Mampieri, Cleofe Finati retailer in Olevano Romano, Rome.

Abito da sposo gli sposi a firma cleofe finati1

Pure elegance made of details! Sober details for a studied elegance. Let’s observe the front part of the jacket which is very “slim” and has a high shoulder, high armhole and slim sleeve, peak lapel on a single breast make this line wearable and widens its selling status with the high back vent’s cuts. Let’s observe the tight armhole. This is a suit that gives us beauty, perfect style proportions, pure handcraft for the difficult and studied execution. All the style line push the body towards the top, giving verticality, dedicated to all types of heights.
Let’s observe the research and preciousness of this beautiful brocade that characterizes the waistcoat, a wonderful work done for the realization of this fabric.
Let’s have a look at the drawing that from flower becomes cashmere bringing us back to classic and man’s history.
Pure elegance, austerity…they all enhance the preciousness of the fabrics and the peculiarity on the double bib, silk satin and button that presents as well the brocade designs.

Abito da sposo gli sposi a firma cleofe finati

“Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Centro Moda Mampieri – Viale V. Veneto, 9, 00035 Olevano Romano RM
Phone: 06 956 4224 – 3669783882
Website: http://www.lesposedi.com/

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