Men’s trousers ANASSAGORA

Trousers glamour men’s suit midnight blue 100% made in Italy

Glamour men’s suit trousers midnight blue fashion line with lean thigh for any occasion made of silk brocade 100% made in Italy.


Available sizes:46 – 48 – 50 – 52 – 54 – 56 – 58


Once the purchase is complete, our designers will contact you to define your size together.

Delivery expected 5 weeks after payment of the order following the telephone contact.



Trousers for man, glamour line, made with sartorial excellence 100% made in Italy, without darts, with a slim and slender line, with double threaded pockets. This model is made in a silk (60%) and wool (40%) brocade with a minimal percentage of synthetic (pa10%), with a tessellated effect, thanks to a play of reinforcement steps made volumetric by the insertion of a bouclé thread that inflates the fabric without making it heavy. An irregular mosaic effect that blends different shades of midnight blue and navy blue, up to overseas notes, combined with a very deep 100% midnight blue silk satin for the internal strap. This model profiles your body and makes your figure slender, adapting perfectly to your silhouette.

Cleofe Finati is known worldwide for the perfect fit of her trousers.

Today, elegant men consider trousers to be of primary importance, and rightfully so. The modelling of the trousers wonderfully completes the Cleofe Finati creations, both in terms of style and fit.

  • SILK 60% WOOL 40% PA 10%
  • Trousers body: tessellated brocade with night blue and navy blue notes, up to overseas hues
  • Removable inner strap: silk midnight blue satin
  • Front pockets
  • Back threaded pockets
  • Hook and zip closure
  • Made in Italy


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