Men’s suit model 9.c1243-1 b06 fabric 171 4185/2


INSPIRATION… early twentieth century, dandy of the twenties
Length 75 cm





Today’s modern Chaplin. Chromatic bliss and surreal texture, the poetic virtuality and cinemagraphic reality take us to another dimension. The colour is stroboscopic; the textures are fractal and the digital contrasts produce a saturation effect. Kinetic mirage, luminescence, dichroic reflections, polarizations, inducing a hypnotic state. The creativity of Cleofe Finati interprets in the richness of the brocade traced from ancient patterns… the image, “The Prince of Wales”, the rose as an “element”, the luminescence of noble fibres…everything is in 100% silk. 
We are looking for positive signs and trying to focus on the aspects of life that we are able to influence and control. How you feel has a direct impact on your actions and their consequences. Smiling and laughing makes you feel good and provides a sense of perspective, the more you do it the better you feel. Red is still the hero of this story; look at this shade of bright red that lights up and tells the story of the 2015 trends. Let’s look at the preciousness of the details, of the pockets in plain satin… that perfectly pick upon the colours of the creation.
An absolutely innovative model, reinvented from Charlie Chaplin’s jacket. ALSO In this case the mood of the 2015 collection by Cleofe Finati “the sky is no longer the limit… be inspired” could not be more appropriate. Pure magic for this creation and its expression.
Look at the line that outlines the figure and wraps it … the line that disappears on the front of the jacket, which sits on the body, narrow hugging shoulders, high narrow armhole, a “jacket sculpture” that sculpts.
Fall in love with the shirt with personalized collar and cuffs, observe the contrasting stitching that rests on a bed of silk cotton satin. Enjoy the accessory (ascot) in a double play on the brocade… matching braces, belt, hat and shoes. An expression of fashion, an elegant, pure artistic creation dedicated to a “free” spirit. 


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