Veronica Anacleti wears the Cleofe Finati Jacket.

Atelier Anacleti organizes an evening in which the groom and his passion are the protagonists during the fashion show “The Beauty of the Man.”

Ceremony dresses take the stage at 5PM in the elegant and evocative frame of the restaurant Coquus Fornacis, exalting the suits Cleofe Finati that will be on sale at Atelier Anacleti from January 2019.

The Maison Cleofe Finati shows off collections for the modern and sophisticated man, that from next year will enrich the Jesi Atelier.

The mix between creativity, style and passion is at the core of the philosophy of the Anacleti family, who guides the spouses (and the children) through the tiniest details, offering ceremony dresses made with sartorial care.

The groom who wants to look impeccable during the wedding can choose between Couture and Luxury collections, that combine perfectly with the refined accessories of our suits.

The choice of the details is important and the Anacleti team knows it. The unique and trendy style of dresses and accessories mirrors the creative and meticulous choices of artisanship, offering to the groom the best of the Made in Italy signed by Cleofe Finati.

The fashion show “The Beauty of the Man” is the chance to celebrate the collaboration between the Atelier Anacleti and Cleofe Finati and it is the chance to have fun, pairing fashion for the modern man with live performances and art. It is an evening for the contemporary family, who loves to dress with elegance and refinement, two adjectives that describe both Atelier Anacleti and Cleofe Finati, united to make the man’s ceremony fashion an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to this show, the groom is once again at the center of the stage and he’s never looked so handsome.

We hope to see you Sunday, June 10th ar 5PM at the Restaurant Coquus Fornacis, Serra de’ Conti, Ancona.

The Atelier Anacleti in Jesi

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