Matthias & Nadège

Matthias & Nadège

The Archetipo Team had the pleasure to interview Matthias & Nadège, one of the ten finalist couples of Archetipo’s “Brides & Grooms” 2013 Photo Contest.

We congratulate the newlyweds from Germany for getting to the final stage of the contest, and we invite all the readers of Archetipo Blog to read their special love story…

Where and when did you meet?
Nadège: “In the year 2000/2001 Matthias and I were working for the same company, but in different towns: I was living and working in Munich and Matthias in Wilhelmshaven in the north of Germany at the coast of the Northsea. In March 2001 the company organized a big 2-day kickoff-Meeting in Wilhelmshaven with teams from the other seats.
In the evening we went to a Restaurant and then to a disco: Matthias and I talked all the evening about many things: about our love for the sea, traveling, France (where I come from), our lives… we also danced, we laughed together. It was a strange Feeling. We met for the first time, but we felt like we had already known each other for a long time. We felt so close. It was a wonderful.
The next day, the world seemed to have changed. Something had happened with us. We knew we had to go back to our everyday lives, but it felt so hard ! Just Before my team and I went home (Munich), Matthias and I took a walk outside. It happened something funny. Maybe it was a sign… We met an acquaintance of Matthias on the way, who asked him, if I were his fiancée 🙂  Matthias told me: «Life can be so fast: yesterday we fell in Love, today we get engaged and tomorrow we’ll marry!»
After those days we tried to live our lives as usual, but it was quite impossible.
We had an obsession with each other. We were just waiting for the moment we could meet again.
Every time we met, our affection was growing more and more. We were totally in love with each other. A few month later I decided to leave my old life in Munich and to begin a new Life with Matthias in Wihelmshaven.
We started a new Life from scratch: at the beginning we had no furniture, no flat! But we were sooo happy. We were together and that was the only important Thing.”

What was the first thing you thought about the other?
Nadège: “The first thing we thought about each other was that we belonged to each other. We met for the first time and we felt at home! We had been crazy and surely irrational, but it was our way, our destiny.
We thought about each other: «I want to get old with this man, with this woman by my side.»”

And today? What do you think about the other?
Nadège: “After 12 fantastic years we married last summer on August, the 22nd and 23th 2013 and celebrated our Love with our two lovely children, our family and friends from France and from Germany.
Today we still think about each other: «I want to get old with this man, with this woman by my side!»”

What’s in your immediate future plans?
Nadège: “We have many plans for the future, but the very immediate future plan is our great Christmas Holiday with our children in the snowy Tirol!”

Dedicate each other a love sentence…
Nadège: “My Love Matthias: After 12 years, I’m still loving you so much and maybe even more than at our Crazy passionate beginning. I will always Fight and protect our love. I will never give up. I want to be by your side in every moment of your life.
I love laughing with you, talking with you, working with you, crying with you, discovering, arguing with you, wondering with you, dreaming with you !
Thank you for loving me as i am, Thank you for our wonderful children. They’re the perfect result  of our love.
I want to get old with you by my side ! I love you.”

Will Matthias & Nadège be the winners of the contest?
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