Marco Vernile wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Marco Vernile wears a Cleofe Finati suit during the fashion show of the collection 2017.

abito da sposo cleofe finati



Tailoring of clean and modern lines in a fit of casual styling to compliment the precision of the lines, in a style with dandy traits, where masculine and feminine are mixed and leave room for true works of art transformed into wedding suits. Fashion thus reflects feminine fluidity and masculine rigour.
Retro fantasies from the 1950s that recall the maximum stylisation of the sun to create the design of a micro cross that penetrates the pattern of the groom suit and is dissolved in a fashionable colour palette that explores the infinite hues of blue illuminated by a touch of red, clear contrasts being very present from the hues of the entire palette with layers that gift options of depth, from cool to tranquil sky blue above disquieting ink blues and the depths of the ocean underlying have been matched to the reds, distinctive symbol of enthusiasm, dynamism and warmth. The colour of life and the colour of danger, colour of romanticism and colour of excitement, red provokes the strongest emotions in all cultures. Red is the outermost colour of the rainbow and the maximum visible wavelength; we think it is also the first colour seen by new-born children. Just as a baby is attracted to candy, we are irresistibly attracted to red; a physiological attraction that is outside our control.
A sophisticated prestige forms the single-breasted wedding jacket with one button and combined spear-tipped lapel collar, with collar and lapels of the same dimensions for a unique and particular effect. The cuts of the jacket sculpt sides that proportion the figure and make it slim, the waist is accentuated by the horizontal cut and inserted flaps, the armhole is high and the sleeve is plain with open buttonholes where we glimpse the cufflinks. We observe the easy and curved line open up at the pockets to reveal the red reflections of the waistcoat. And now we observe the vertical cuts that form and sculpt the back, giving it a sense of verticality that proportions the figure, making it slender. The two central cuts highlighted by two buttons at the waist become folds with hidden buttons, giving emphasis to walking movements.
Fantasy patterns from the 1950s with a cross created from the alternation of diagonal weaves of 100% silk satin with patterns of light blue notes on sea blue chains emphasised by the variant of the night blue fabric on the lapels, pocket flaps and breast pocket. We observe the slim trousers produced in the night blue variant of the suit, with belt inserted back in perfect 1920s style, matched to the light blue fabric of the groom’s jacket.

abito da sposo cleofe finati

And now the interview of Marco Vernile…

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