Man pants with pinces

Man pants with pinces

The term pince comes from the French verb pincer (to pinch): the pinces are internal stitch folds designed to shape a garment.

The pinces are back, becoming an indispensable detail of men’s pants style, revealing a must, even in the groom fashion and ceremony that draws inspiration from the past.

How to choose pants with or without pinces? Some factors need to be considered, such as your body structure and also your personal style. Easy, comfortable and always elegant, they are a must for the most chic gentlemen over 50 and they also give a real dandy touch to the younger ones.

Revised in contemporary style, pants with pinces are indispensable for a man who wants to wear a trouser with style and elegance. There are two types of pinces: single and double.
The single pince is sufficient to ensure a comfortable fit; The two pinces is for a more sophisticated look.

The double pinces can be English style, with two pinces facing out, or French style, with the two pinces facing inwards.

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