Lorenzo & Susanna

The Archetipo Team had the pleasure to interview Lorenzo and Susanna, one of the couples on the top list of the photo contest “Archetipo Brides & Grooms” edition 2014. We congratulate the Italian couple to have reached the final stage of the competition and we invite Archetipo’s Blog readers to read their special story …

Lorenzo e Susanna

Question for him: what was the first thought you had when you saw yourself in the mirror wearing your Archetipo’s suit?Is it true what I’m seeing? I’m wearing a suit and I don’t look like a puppet! This tastes better than the present days

Question for her: what was your first thought when you saw him wearing the Archetipo’s suit? ” Exactly what I imagined for him (but I didn’t know it exists) “

And now dedicate a song to each other
Susanna to Lorenzo: “Jupiter” by Gustav Holst
Lorenzo to Susanna: “Bliss” by Muse

Now we turn some questions to Roberto Gaggioli owner of Boutique Gaggioli Sposi in Viterbo, where Lorenzo bought his gorgeous suit. Roberto, safe and reliable, is the eldest of the Gaggioli brothers, who first followed the footsteps of his family. When you know him, you immediately feel and appreciate his great experience, but above all the love hev has for his job.

Did the customer already know which suit he wanted or he relied  the choice on your experience and professionalism? The customer visited our store because he already knew the product Archetipo. Accompanied by his girlfriend, he asked me right away something special and our focus fallen on the line Marsina. We made a journey together, as is in our habit, and finally the choice fell on a line Marsina suit .

How did you let the groom to fall in love with the Archetipo’s suit? The client was already very interested in Archetipo, trying the suit, he immediately felt the feeling of have found the right suit. With a few tweaks, we got to meet perfectly the taste of the groom: elegant, refined and very special .

Which was your first thought when you saw the groom wearing the Archetipo’s suit? Indee, the customer had a perfect body to wear a tailcoat of that type and I managed, with competence and professionalism, to make the customer happy with his choice…The photos prove it.


Will be Lorenzo e Susanna the winners of the contest?
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