Joris & Elien, winners of “Archetipo’s Brides & Grooms” 2013 Contest

Joris & Elien, winners of “Archetipo’s Brides & Grooms” 2013 Contest

The Archetipo Group is happy to announce the winners of “Archetipo’s Brides and Grooms” Contest – 2013 Edition!

The jury in charge of evaluating the photos in the competition nominated winners of the contest Joris and Elien Verlinden, a Belgian couple who participated in the photo contest publishing the romantic pictures of their wedding. “Archetipo’s Brides and Grooms” Contest is organized by Archetipo and is open to everyone who bought a groom suit of Cleofe Finati and Unconventional Collections by Archetipo.

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The winning photo hit the jury for the perfect empathy between the couple, the harmony in the visual composition, and the technical execution of the photo. The jury unanimously decided to award the prize to Joris and Elien. The couple has won a wonderful weekend in Venice offered by the Archetipo Group…the best way to live again the emotions of their wedding in the most romantic city in the World!

The couple bought the suit at Linx, official retail store of Cleofe Finati Collections by Archetipo located in Hasselt, Belgium. The owner, Mr Tuur Thys, and all the store Staff helped Joris find the suit of Cleofe Finati Collections by Archetipo that made him stand out for style and elegance on the day of his wedding!

The Archetipo Team interviewed the Belgian winning couple, asking them to tell more about their love story. We have asked a few questions also to Christine, sales assistant of Linx, where the groom bought the wedding suit that made him win the contest.

Dear Joris and Elien, congratulations for winning the 2013 edition of “Archetipo’s Brides and Grooms” photo contest. Can you tell us where and when did you meet?
Joris: “We met each other when we were really young. My best friend had taken his gorgeous niece with him to a party. There we met on the dance floor, shaking butt to butt!”

Tell us about your first date or meeting…
Joris: “Three years later during a party, we saw each other after a long time. Everybody around us noticed that there was something going on between us that evening, except us. When we were going home, we kissed goodbye three times on the cheek. The fourth kiss was on the lips. Suddenly the spark was there. We went to a remote place at the party. Her parents were picking her up at the party that night, but couldn’t find her. She was with me and forgot the time.”

What was the first thing you thought about the other?
Joris: “What a gorgeous cutie whit brain.”
Elien: “What a sporty guy whit guts.”

And today? What do you think about the other?
Joris: “A women who is reliable and kind.”
Elien: “A men that is supportive and always ready to help.”

What’s in your immediate future plans?
Joris: “Two years ago we bought a house. This year we married. The next step in our life together is a bunch of children.”

Dear Christine, you assisted Joris when he came to Linx Fashion to choose his suit. Did he fall in love with Archetipo? How did it happen?

christine linx fashion hasselt belgium cleofe finati by archetipoChristine: “As many other grooms do, Joris found out about our shop thanks to her bride who also chose her dress from our bride collections. He probably saw the suit on the website before coming to our store, or maybe someone showed him the collection. When he came he already knew what kind of suit he wanted…when he tried the suit on it was completely ok! Everything was really perfect.

Which emotions did Joris and his family feel?
Christine: “As with all the customers we assist, we helped the groom choose the right suit, 100% fitting the brides’ choice. I remember that the atmosphere was beautiful, I could feel very positive emotions. But I was not the only one who felt this… Also Joris’ family was enthusiast about the suit! It was a very good moment.“

Do you remember something particular about that moment?
Christine: “One aspect I remember in particular is they were all extremely positive – otherwise they wouldn’t have bought the suit with such certainty!”

What are the characteristics of the suit chosen by Joris?
Christine: “Joris chose a suit of the Fashion Line of the groom collection Cleofe Finati by Archetipo. The total look is characterized by a modern and essential line. The jacket and trousers present a polished light-and-shadow effect. And what about the waistcoat? A real artwork! It is made in jacquard brocade in a floral design. The waistcoat is also characterized by gray hues and recalls the ascot tie, made in the same textile. The design of this special total look signed Cleofe Finati by Archetipo doesn’t overlook any detail! Let’s have a look at the pocket accessory which recalls the same color of the suit…the result is real magic!”

Don’t hesitate to contact the store:

Linx Fashion
Havermarkt 29, 3500 Hasselt – Belgium
Tel. +32 011 27 43 27

linx fashion hasselt belgium cleofe finati by archetipo

Great is the satisfaction of the Archetipo Group for the huge success of the 2013 edition of the contest. After the 2012 edition, won by the Dutch couple Erwin and Christel, and the 2013 edition, won by Joris and Elien, the new 2014 edition of the contest launched on February 1st 2014! If you too are a groom wearing Cleofe Finati by Archetipo on the day of your wedding don’t miss the chance to take part in the contest!

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