Interview to Stefano Sala: from the career to the passion for tattoos of the Cleofe Finati model

Interview to Stefano Sala: from the career to the passion for tattoos of the Cleofe Finati model

The world has already welcomed them many years ago, turning them into a must-have. Whether as a remember or just a whim, the tattoo ‘paints’ the body of his lover.
But what about living and working as a model when you have not one, but a series of tattoos that ‘color’ your body?

Being a model and have a responsibility to bring out the product sponsored as well as possible, it is not easy, because to do so you have to follow the trends and, therefore, become the ideal to which we all aspire. Since the beginning of the century fashions have changed: we have gone from platinum blond to brown hair, the smile on the catwalk to the gaze and expressionless.
Tattoos, considered unsuitable to represent the ideal of man until a few years ago, now are pleasantly requested by fashion houses around the world, as depicting the man a bloody and mysterious mix that is increasingly depopulated. One must be careful, however, not to let them be vulgar and inelegant; Moreover, as evidenced by Stefano Sala, one of the top models of Cleofe Finati, not all customers are still accustomed to the new trend of youth and, therefore, prefer to cover them with the use of Photoshop.

Stefano Sala Dyane Mello Intervista

We must make it clear one more thing: the tattoos are an indelible mark that represents something of us: a memory, an emotion, an adventure, something that we like and which we are bound. The most important Tattoo for Stefano is the inscription “Bubi”, the way in which he and his partner call their child. To this are added other 3 favorite tattoos: the word “rock’n’roll” on the lip, the birds on the cost and the Polynesian tattoo on his arm.
A tattoo can mean whatever you want to give it.
However, the biggest obstacle remains the reaction of the parents, who for about 97% of the time they do not approve. For Stefano in was quite easy, because only his father did not approve, as ha had always been opposed to the body paint; His mother, however, has not objected, because she also tattooed.

Stefano Sala Intervista

Stefano Sala Intervista

Due to my curiosity, I wanted to ask a few more questions to Stefano Sala:

– What is for you the best thing about working for Archetipo?
The energy, the enthusiasm, the express who you are, what you want, the freedom that Stefania and all generally allow you to give. However, I believe that not seek Archetype ‘models’ but ‘characters’, because the clothes themselves interpret characters that only artists are able to bring out, and that’s the reason why I like to work for them, I love that they be ‘artists’.

– I know you have a daughter, Sofia, would you like if she will follow your way (as a model) or you feel that this job is too competitive?
° Well, I’d like to first of all terms studies must and maybe achieves maturity and after the degree, I would be extremely happy; however, it is free to follow the path they prefer, although compared to the to model, I’d rather prefer if she will be an actress, where, in comparison to a photo or a walkway can be worth a lot more your talent.

– Tell me about the experience of the first tattoo. How was it?
° Fairly traumatic! I tattooed a tribal siren. Made it in a small town in Chile, it was for for 25 euro. Pain unthinkable, although the result was not as hoped, wanted to do something different, artistic, moreover, it was also cheap!

stefano sala cleofe finati

In the end, my dear,if you love them and will continue to convey the same feeling, the same “wow” you felt the first time that you admired, the team Archetipo approves.

by Giulia Polito

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