Interview and grooming tips by Alexandre Schuster

Interview and grooming tips by Alexandre Schuster

Among the many trends that appeared in 2015 in first place in male and female imagination there is the sensual and attractive beard. Whether long or short, thick and “this weekend I have not shaved”, this year beard really was trendy among adolescents but also among women. Full beard, is preferred by those who love vintage and by those who love the hipster look. it is versatile and combines with a look with jeans and tank top suggests the image of “bad boy” that we like. This look gives man an appearance by individual self-confident and its spirited personality. Obviously being cool with a beard only works if you are cool even without, I still rest of the opinion that a nice beard gives that extra, mysterious and definitely cool style.


– This year the beard is very cool, do you think that it gives an added value to the clothes you wear on the catwalk? Does it help you to be different from other models?
Absolutely, I think that’s my strong point, because my particularity is to have a darker beard … Usually the beard tends is white, while I’m the opposite! I like to keep it long because from there idea of “man on the lost island” almost as if he had not the time to shave, like “Robinson Crusoe”, I love it !!. My beard then, brought with clothes of Cleofe Finati, creates an elegant  and “gentleman” model.

– How many time do you dedicate to the care of your beard?
Every day I take care of my beard. I wash it every two days just like I do with my hair, I take care because it is really close to his mouth, and I want to be nice and clean. I also like that  has a good smell.

– Did you ever had any kind of problem, for example when you eat?
Absolutely, when I was in “novice” and ate the soup, I felt I was acting like a 5 year old child, now, with the passage of time, I became a master! The only “mission impossible” for me remains that of the ice cream. I always have to eat it on the cup, never on the cone! Impossible!


– Do you use any specific product for the care of your beard?
You use different products: A special shampoo to shaving, it smells good, with essential oils and rosemary, a perfume for man.
After using the shampoo, apply when the beard is still moist, an oil that softens the beard. When it is dry, I use a special lotion for facial hair.

– Without your beard you’d still charming as now? Or do you lose part of your sex appeal?
You would feel the same charming, I’ll tell you, I met my current girlfriend when in fact I did not have a beard .. I often said that I should not hide my beautiful face under the beard … Other people instead they prefer now, unshaven..

– It was never caught something in your beard? It is difficult for you to manage it?
Yes, so that I have to be extremely careful when connection to the zip of my jacket or when i manage lighters or “dangerous objects”.
I smoke, and I do not let never and ever light the cigarette from someone else, I always do it alone, too often I saw flames near my beard!

by Emma Venuti

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