Igudesmann and Joo wears Cleofe Finati for the celebrity fight night

Igudesmann and Joo wears Cleofe Finati for the celebrity fight night

For the live days on RAI 1 from the Colosseum where Andrea Bocelli will be featured in international performances with artists as Sharon Stone, Elton John and many others, Cleofe Finati studied the look of the band Igudesmann and Joo.

The Igudesmann and Joo want to keep their dandy nature never too formal by choosing 100% made in Italy by Cleofe Finati that reflects their great musical personality.

An exclusive VIP event in which Cleofe Finati brings the excellence and the tradition of made in Italy 100% through its exclusive designs and through its tailor-made elegance.

An indispensable bond with Cleofe Finati’s ethics that opens in the great contents of his man’s and high fashion ceremony. #Anemos is the 2018 philosophical inspiration for the men’s and high fashion ceremony suits, the Greek word for spokesman for consciousness and personality of the human being. For 30 years now, this mansion has heard this ethics bringing with Igudesman and Joo a solidarity contribution to one of the world’s greatest events, set up 23 years ago by Muhammed Alì, and 3 years in our country thanks to Andrea Bocelli.

The violinist Aleksey Igudesman will wear the limited edition of the luxury collection for one of the 5 evenings. The micro detail of the limited edition silk 100% blue brocade in the exclusive design of the peony and lily becomes a symbol of courageous solidarity and nobility.

With Cleofe Finati, the Igudesmann and Joo know they can wear the excellence of 100% Made in Italy under the sky of the Colosseum, the cradle of Italian beauty, continuing the path of Salvatore Lombardo, Cleofe Finati’s ambassador of the Luxury Club..

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