How to wear a suit

It’s the attention to details that makes the difference. You cannot just wear a suit to look stylish and sophisticated. The suit is a real way of life that must be felt and above all well worn, in order to don’t look inappropriate. So here’s a simple guide in 12 steps to stop making mistakes and be perfect wearing your suit:

1. In a jacket straps should never end over the shoulder. It could create an oversized look that would be not elegant and refined.
2. Thin lapels generally are considered currently in vogue
3. The choice of a jacket in double gap is certainly one of the most reasonable things, as it appears to be a very modern and confortable type of jacket at the same time
4. The handkerchiefs must never be combined, either in fantasy or in tissue, to the tie. So, free space for ideas and creativity to play with colors and prints
5. If there is a gap between the cuff and the collar of the shirt, there’s something wrong: it means that the jacket doesn’t fit well
6. In a two-button jacket, the top button should always be at the navel
7. It is always better to choose a thin belt and of the same color of the shoes
8. You never have to button up the last button of a waistcoat
9. The waistcoat is strictly worn with single-breasted jackets
10. The sleeves must generally leave the jacket to a centimeter
11. The socks should be long enough not to show your skin when you’re sitting
12. The tie should be darker than the shirt.

Whether you choose a suit of the Fashion Line or of the Avant-Garde Line, of the Classic or the Tail coat of the Cleofe Finati collections, following these simple rules you’ll look perfect for each event.

Andrea Offredi come indossare un abito by paolo iannettone Cleofe Finati Archetipo 1Andrea Offredi come indossare un abito by paolo iannettone Cleofe Finati Archetipo

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