How about blue?

How about blue?

This story takes place in Antwerpen, Belgium. A customer enters the store Le Chapeau – The Corner, located in Frankrijklei 72. He is one of the many soon-to-be grooms who visit the boutique searching for their dream wedding suit. But, as it often happens, the man’s mind isn’t clear yet about what kind of suit he would like to wear on his most special day. He just knows that, to make that day really special, he needs something unique.

Chrystel, the store manager of Le Chapeau – The Corner, welcomes the groom with a warm smile. She starts listening to what the man tells her: his needs, his desires, his dreams. She listens to him very carefully and her long-time expertise helps her understand what kind of wedding suits to show him.

The groom has a determined personality. For his ‘I do day’, he wants to feel fully protagonist. What he needs is something clean, a suit that emphasizes his body, while at the same time being aligned to the new fashion trends. Chrystel has one more intuition…

“How about blue?”, she asks him.

She picks out from the rack a wonderful blue suit of the Fashion Line of Cleofe Finati 2014 Collections by Archetipo. The grooms eyes start sparkling. He tries the suit on and looks really awesome! He keeps staring at the image of himself in the mirror, fascinated. Then Chrystel explains him that he can take the suit off, so that the tailor can make the final adjustments…but he seems he doesn’t listen to her, he doesn’t want to take the suit off anymore!

It is really love at first sight between the groom and the blue Cleofe Finat suit. No room for second thoughts. The groom proudly buys the dream wedding suit he was looking for.

If you too are looking for something unique to make your wedding unforgettable, don’t hesitate to contact Chrystel and Le Chapeau store Staff. They’ll be happy to help you find the Cleofe Finati creation that best suits your character!

Le Chapeau – The Corner
Frankrijklei 72
2000 Antwerpen (Belgium)
Tel. 0032 (0)3 232 49 94
Facebook: Le Chapeau

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