Happy Easter from the Cleofe Finati Team

Happy Easter from the Cleofe Finati Team

Easter is the culmination of the Paschal Triduum, the center and the heart of the whole liturgical year. It is the feast of the Christian religion that continues, incorporating the Ascension Day until the Pentecost.
It derives from the greek: Pascha, in Aramaic Pasah and properly means “pass” and “step.”
One of the most popular traditions from children is to decorate the eggs, tradition dating back to the dawn of Christianity when the latter were painted i  red to commemorate Christ’s blood and decorated with crosses and other religious symbols.

The egg symbolism is obvious: life was born from the egg, which was associated with the rebirth of Christ and then to Easter.
Nowadays to decorate eggs for the children is a time of celebration and joy of creative expression that connects to the creativity and expression of the groom collections of the maison Cleofe Finati.

The groom and ceremony collections by Cleofe Finati, in fact, come from a mix without barriers that instinctively leads to the liberation of art and the most hidden fantasies.
The palette of the individual/artist, is tinged with materials and techniques, resulting in the freedom of expression of ideas made in the form of prints, colors and patterns that create unique and exclusive suits.

Easter as a time of joy, of happiness and rebirth, but also as a moment of artistic expression; and it is to them that Cleofe Finati dedicates the poem of its collections, with an exclusive ceremony collection for the little ones: the Excellence 100% Made in Italy and unique style by Cleofe Finati for littles Dandy!

Happy Easter from Cleofe Finati!

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