Guide to the choice of a suit

Which colour choose for your wedding suit

Colour plays an important role in choosing a suit and still remains one of the most difficult aspects, so as to create doubts and questions of all kinds, “which shade enhances my skin tone”, “how to match colors between them”, or “what are the colour trends of the moment”?
The collections Cleofe Finati 2016 as key element they have the colour, so here 3 colours trends for 2016.
Bright and brilliant colours: Red and Blue
The predominant colors of the wedding suits in 2016 are bright and strong colors, so we can say goodbye to dull colors and retro-looking: trends in 2016 impose brilliant shades of strong impact, such as blue and red in all their shades.
Abito da sposo guida colori di tendenza 2016 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo
Earth tones
Earth tones are made up of shades of grays, dark brown, green, beige and shades that are close to these nuances. Although it might seem as dull and “already seen”, in reality the earth tones are rich, timeless and especially versatile and suitable for every season.
Moreover, given by the many shades and nuances, these colours are perfect for all skin tones.
Abito da sposo guida colori di tendenza 2016 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 1
Total white and pastels
Simple, elegant and timeless trend white is the color that appeals to everyone, or almost, because lightweight, versatile, and that can have both a retro charm given by its absolute purity and a hyper-modern appeal. Also pastel colors play an important role, as popular and appreciated, in particular by the groom who wants to lappear fashion but with grace and elegance.
Abito da sposo guida colori di tendenza 2016 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2
Whether they are bright and shiny, soft, passing trends or timeless must, colors are an essential element in the choice of a suit and it is right to consider various factors before conclusions: not always the favorite color or the most beautiful is the right one!
And you, what colours do you prefer? Bright and shiny shades or the traditional one?

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