Grand Opening of Gaggioli Sposi, the first Archetipo single-brand store in Italy

Style and emotions ruled during the opening party of Gaggioli Sposi, in Viterbo (Italy). The event took place on Saturday, October 19th at the historical Caffè Grandori of Andrea Ciancolini. The event started with an outdoor aperitivo and then continued inside the reserved hall.

The owners of the new fashion store for ceremony wear, Roberto and Fabrizio Gaggioli, offered only the best to their guests. The delicious food and the excellent wine have been served together with the enchanting entertainment of Mr Flip the Magician and the performance of Vittorio Centrone, Italian songwriter internationally renowned.

The atmosphere of the night was unforgettable, also thanks to the light effects and decorations created by SposiAmo, a wedding planning company with 22 agencies all over Italy. At the opening night Roberto di Carlo, Network Coordinator of Sposiamo, and Eva Occhibove, Project Manager, were there.

The occasion was so exceptional that the party was attended also by Archetipo’s General Manager, Stefania Vismara, and the Archetipo Staff.

The management of the company Valentini Sposa was also there, whose bridal collections are sold at the new Gaggioli Sposi together with Cleofe Finati men’s collections by Archetipo.

Among the other guests, there were Manlio Latini from Latini Casa Wedding Lists, the manager of the beauty center Anid, and the professionals of Graphisphaera graphic studio (Viterbo, Italy) who manage the communication and publicity of Gaggioli Sposi. We mention also La Fabbrica dei Sogni Premium Cake who designed the wonderful patisserie.

But the real protagonists of the night were the fascinating suits of Cleofe Finati man collection by Archetipo, worn by Antonio Neri and Riccardo Crisanti, and Egò bridal collection by Valentini Spose worn by Emanuela Costa. Indeed, Gaggioli Sposi is Archetipo’s first Cleofe Finati single-brand store in Italy. The long-life experience of the Gaggioli family in the ceremony field teamed up with Archetipo’s growth in the Italian market.

“Choosing Cleofe Finati by Archetipo for us means combining tradition with innovation” the owners say. “We interpret the world of bridal fashion with the following ingredients: creative attitude, valued design and elegance. We go beyond the ‘trend’ in order to fully realize the dream of our grooms.”

The new Gaggioli Sposi store stands out for the preciousness, uniqueness and high quality of our men’s formal wear collections. The future grooms will be fully protagonist. The highly qualified staff of the store will lead the customer in a travel through the understanding of the collections, the fabrics, and the style research of each Cleofe Finati suit by Archetipo. The customer will feel  his own suit, eventually making the best choice for his most important day.

Innovation is another distinctive feature of Gaggioli Sposi, proving the owners’ attention to the new dynamics of consumption experience. “We have created a concept store where we will display also the videos of the fashion show that launched the collections.” Roberto Gaggioli says. “We want to show living suits and give a concrete idea of their wearability.”
Innovative is also the interior architecture, designed in detail by a selected architecture studio. “The groom will go through a metamorphosis” Fabrizio Gaggioli adds. “The store sliding panels create variable spaces where the customer can try on the suits in maximum privacy and comfort, and then come out and reveal himself to his friends or partner, covered in splendor, as each of us imagine our wedding day like”.

It is advised to book an appointment beforehand to allow Gaggioli Sposi staff to serve you in the best way and help you choosing the suit that best fits your dreams. Because, just like you, Gaggioli Sposi believes that your most special day has to be unforgettable.

Congratulations to the Gaggioli family – in particular the store owners Roberto and Fabrizio, Livia and their staff Keithy and Valentina – for organizing the awesome event! And congratulation also for the entrepreneurial attitude that made them opening this poetic and emotional store in Viterbo.

We wish them all good work!

Info and appointments:
Gaggioli Sposi
Via Cassia Nord 22/s – 01100 Viterbo (Italy)
Tel. 0761-352901 – Cell. 328-3177382
Sito web:
Facebook: Gaggioli Sposi


 From the left: Antonio Neri dressed in Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, Roberto Gaggioli, Riccardo Crisanti dressed in Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, the  Archetipo General Manager Stefania Vismara, and Fabrizio Gaggioli


 The two queens of the night: from the left, Livia Gaggioli from Gaggioli Sposi and Archetipo General Manager Stefania Vismara


 Roberto Gaggioli from Gaggioli Sposi and Archetipo General Manager Stefania Vismara


 Vittorio Centrone wearing a wonderful Cleofe Finati tailcoat by Archetipo


 Gaggioli Sposi Team and Archetipo Team: from the left, Michela, Valentina, Michela, Keithy and Giulia

Here you can see all the pictures of the event

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