Gay marriage

A few days ago, in Rome it was held the Family Day in which the main topic was focused on different positions and adverse opinions regarding gay marriage. Thalking about this, in fact, public opinion still shows a strong contrast and movement of ideas.

Until a few years ago, in fact, the vast majority were clearly opposed to gay unions, especially in terms of weddings. Nowadays, however, something seems to have changed and the number of people who accept gay marriage has almost doubled since then, at least for the Political and Social field.

As for the Church, the only one allowed is the union between a man and a woman with the aim of procreation, although they want to emphasize that “every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, must be respected in his/her dignity and met with sensitivity and delicacy, both in the Church and in the society”.

So while the other side of the globe is celebrating with parade of Gay Pride with a taste of victory and joy thanks to the decision of the US Supreme Court that Friday, June 26 made history by legalizing same-sex marriages throughout the national territory, here in Italy the issue continues to be controversial, and probably will be for a long time, although, apparently, the general attitude is changing greatly over time.
For this reason we are convinced that step by step the issue will move positively and that it would also move even the wedding industry, as on the same-sex marriage we just miss laws, but not the market.

In fact, it is for years that the Maison Archetipo with its collections wears gay couples who get married, but only with the foreign market, waiting to do the same also in our country.

So while Politics is moving, but slowly, companies run, they organize and plan a business increasingly growing, made of travel, catering, party favors and of course dresses and suits, just to meet the needs of gay couples who want to get married!

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