Fausto Di Pino wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Fausto Di Pino wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Fausto Di Pino wears a Cleofe Finati suit during the fashion show.

“Between dream and reality” is the theme of this collection created for Cleofe Finati Ceremony line 2017 that expresses with taste and tact an enchanted world governed by esoteric figures that are dissolved in the serial patterns of the fabrics.
Morpheus leads us towards a world of marvels, cradling the spirit and mind, in a dream where precious mosaics reveal enchanted magic gardens inhabited by scarabs.
The fabric is dense and opaqueness is left aside to leave room for emphasis on a serial shine.
Innovation and tradition redevelop the aesthetic rules of classic tail coats, creating a model with great impact. The groom’s jacket front is single breasted with mandarin collar decorated by a long row of fifteen buttons. We observe the stiffened bottom that opens up in a clean and incisive manner, shaping the figure and rendering it lean.
The armhole is high with an overturned shoulder and the sleeves are plain with open buttonholes where we glimpse cufflinks. We observe the vertical cuts that form and sculpt the back, giving a sense of verticality that proportions the figure and renders it lean. The two central cuts highlighted by two buttons at the waist become flaps with hidden buttons, giving emphasis to walking movements.
Now we observe the fabric of the groom jacket and trousers, a brocade of 100% rock grey silk interrupted by tone on tone fantasies emphasised by a 100% silk satin of the same grey hue on the inside collar, lapel facing, inside wrists, flap pockets and breast pocket. We observe more closely the texture of the groom jacket and trousers and we discover the new Jacquard patterns born in our workshop for the 2017 collection, created for Cleofe Finati Ceremony by Archetipo. These are curved and incisive lines that form the enchantment of magic places inhabited by mystical creatures. Source of life and creativity, of virility and renewal, the scarab protects us and leads us to a magic, three-dimensional labyrinth surrounded by flowers and rose buds, symbols of innocent love and youth.
The dream becomes an esoteric place, almost a magic place in which to take refuge. The scarab as source of life and eternal rebirth protects us and leads us to a world rich in contrasts where light and colour create a depth and dynamism to the pattern that jumps off the page to become fabric, to become a high relief inhabited by magic insects and a rich flower garden.
As if in a dream, we witness the metamorphosis of buttons and walking cane into true jewels; this is the sublimation of the design of the scarab that penetrates the gold plating, finished off by enamels in the sea green colours of the ascot.
Let’s fall in love with the waistcoat that proposes a variant of the brocade of the outerwear, giving to the pattern a surprising mosaic effect dictated by the colour, alternating yellow grain, green and aquamarine threads against rock grey satin. We read the poetry of the double ascot that illuminates the face with sea green hues, knotted by a deep umber, both interrupted by yellow grain, green and aquamarine embroidering, while the waist belt and suspenders interrogate the same fantasies against purple depths. We observe the serial brilliance of the shirt made of silk satin (51%) and white cotton (49%) enhanced by decorations on the collar and wrists perfectly matched to the sea green mosaics of the ascot and decorated by buttons and jewel cufflinks.
The wedding suit is finished off by two pocketchiefs; the first emphasises the decorations of the jacket with its 100% rock grey silk satin matched to the second pocketchief upon which we will sculpt our rose, in grey brocade surprised by orange mosaics.
We observe how the shoes in Barolo and green leather recall the incisiveness of the fabrics, with a laser design on the tips.
This look with style and character is reinforced by a “litis” hat with military overtones, produced in the same purple brocade of the waist belt.
A suit of great impact, that reinvents the aesthetic rules of classic tail coats with taste and character for a unique and sophisticated look created exclusively for Cleofe Finati Ceremony line by Archetipo.

Here the Fausto Di Pino’s interview…

– Age: 29
– Describe yourself: Happy and spontaneous
– Who inspires you? Steve Jobs
– Your must have? Black coat
– How you fall in love? If she is able to support me

Watch the Fausto Di Pino video on the Youtube Channel of Cleofe Finati

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