Fashion Tips…

Fashion Tips…

From neutral and pastel shades to stronger and fluorescent ones, colour plays a huge part within the fashion industry each and every spring/summer.
Yet bold colours are notoriously difficult to pull off in a sophisticated and stylish way, so here are some tips in order to appear “colorful and appropriate”.

Although white is the color of this summer, you know, you can not do without the brilliant colors in the hottest season of the year.

Many people avoid colours because they believe they’re only suitable for tanned, actually this is not true, indeed all men should “wear” colours, just because there are  shades that also enhance clearer skin. In general, if they use pastel shades, everything will be fine.

For total black lovers, however, you can add a splash of color that illuminates everything with a pair of sock or any vivid colorful accessory that can instantly give light also to a classic look.

As for the beach, personally, I always opt for neutral colours to mix then with colored and vivid accessories; although swimwear trend for this summer 2015 wants unique and special fantasies.

Finally we come to more elegant and sophisticated outfits, for which we can say goodbye to dark and classic colors and welcome to what is the real star: bright and brilliant color !
Just as the Cleofe Finati suits that express pure avant-guard that is transmitted through style, the quality of materials and the production process of garments that have always been an emblem of excellence of the Maison Haute Couture.

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