Fall Wedding: tips for planning

Fall Wedding: tips for planning

Autumn is a season full of magic and inspiration, with its atmosphere, its warm colors and its fragrances, unique and incomparable, that spread warmth and serenity. Autumn days are still sunny and illuminated, so they are well suited as a background for a wedding with the warm tones of nature. If you decided to get married at this time of the year, here are some ideas and tips that can help you to plan the most important day of your life!

For decorations, the rule it’s just one: to make autumn, its colors, its perfumes and its components as the main theme of the wedding.
Red, yellow, orange, copper, chocolate brown, mixed with neutral colors, they are certainly shades to use. To the colors, then, it’s nice to combine flowers, branches, leaves, berries, pine cones and pieces of bark in transparent vases. An ‘idea is to have on the road that leads to the altar a blanket of leaves or petals, accompanied by candles. All with simplicity and elegance, but the result will be colorful, cozy and romantic.

Matrimonio in autunno consigli per renderlo perfetto

As for your wedding menu, to stay in theme, it would be good to favor seasonal foods. You can, for example, accompany roast or meat dishes with mashed pumpkin or chestnut, or with mushrooms, to prepare as creams, sauces, or to serve as a side dish.

Matrimonio in autunno consigli per rendere tutto perfetto

Wedding cake
Today the cake designers are able to give us some real masterpieces, so that we are almost sorry to ruin! So, why not a cake in theme with autumn? Many people decide to use soft colors to decorate the wedding cake, with leaves, fruits and flowers, playing with geometric shapes. If you want to stay in theme in a matter of ingredients, try a cake with carrots, pumpkin or dried fruit, almonds, walnuts or pine nuts.

Matrimonio in autunno consigli per rendere tutto perfetto

Although it is right to stay “sober” and opt for the classic colors such as black or blue, there are many suits with warm and intense shades that just fit the autumn atmosphere, such as the collections of the “Luxury Collection” Cleofe Finati 2017.
Earth tones are made up of shades of grays, dark brown, green, beige and shades that are close to these nuances. Although it might seem as dull and “already seen”, earth tones are rich, timeless and especially versatile and suitable for every season. Moreover, given by the many shades and nuances, these colours are perfect for all skin tones.


And you, what do you think about fall wedding?

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