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The Archetipo Group, among the most outstanding Italian high-fashion desingers, in 2015 will dress ‘greener’. The company has developed an innovative research project in collaboration with MaTech. The research will be funded by the administration of the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia through a regional grant.

The Italian textile and apparel industry has always boosted the export of Made-In-Italy products. During the last years, the industry has undergone a dramatic evolution characterized by a strong environmental orientation. This trend was well understood and anticipated by the Archetipo Group, which has an inhouse Research & Development department, with the aim of producing new solutions in the field of formal and ceremony wear.

Proving a farsighted attitude, Archetipo has recently developed a new research project to identify new sustainable materials and technology for the fashion industry. Along with the extremely high quality of its production and tailor-made service, in 2015 Archetipo will offer to its customers some environmentally-sustainable outfits. A number of the suits of the next collection will use innovative components or employ low-impact manufacturing processes.


In the picture: eco-sustainable yarns and fabrics

Archetipo’s strong corporate social responsibility and orientation to innovation have been acknowledged and rewarded by the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which will fund the research through a regional grant from the Central Department for Productive Activities. Archetipo has commissioned the research phase to MaTech, a leading research institute that is part of Galileo Science and Technology Park in Padua (Italy). This enhanced ‘green’ orientation will involve the whole supply chain, with which Archetipo has created a unique synergy for delivering unequalled garments to the final customer.

The scope of this new research project by Archetipo is definitely wide. The project intends to be revolutionary not only for the company itself, but for the whole field of eco-fashion Made In Italy. The solutions that Archetipo will work on will be radical and cutting-edge.

The new Cleofe Finati collections by Archetipo will be presented in May 2014. We will keep you posted on the development of the research in the next months.

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