Erwin & Christel

Erwin & Christel

Erwin e Christel talk about their love story. Read their interview!

Where and when did you meet ?
Our first met was in September 1991 in a dance studio. Erwin had Ballroom dance lessons and every Saturday evening it was free to dance in the dance studio. Christel visited the dance studio with a friend and Erwin was also in the dance studio with his friends. Because the friends of Christel and Erwin knew each other so they introduced Erwin to Christel.So that was our first met.

Tell us about your first date or meeting…
Our first date was to visit a party at the University were Erwin studied. Erwin asked Christel to join him to the party. Christel visited Erwin in The Hague were Erwin studied International Management. After the party we went to the beach in Scheveningen till sunrise.

What was the first thing you thought about the other?
The first thing what Erwin thought about Christel was : what a spontaneous girl, good-looking, I can laugh with her. Christel thought about Erwin: what a nice guy, but no taste about clothes. But he was very thoughtful and sweet.

And today? What do you think about the other?
Christel about Erwin: today Erwin is caring about others, sweet and helpful, but he’s also very cocky.  He’s also a loving father for our two boys Yoran (9 years) and Milan (5 years) and every Saturday he’s on the football field to encourage them.
Erwin about Christel: Christel is an amazing woman, she looks good, love shopping, but she also has her own opinion when there is a discussion. She also is a great mom for out two boys, in addition to her work as a nurse in a retirement home.

What’s in your immediate future plans?
In the immediate future we want that our two boys grow up in a harmonious family. We also love to make City trips and to visit other countries to see different cultures. But first we want to start to rebuild our house and garden and to buy a boat, because our house is located at the water. With a new boat we can sail on our lake and also the possibility to make some trips.

Dedicate each other a love sentence …
Our love sentence to each other:
Erwin, after 21 years you’re still my tower of strength. There is no day the same with you. I know what I have with you and I can trust my heart to you. Your characteristics  makes you the man that I still love with all my heart.
Christel, you’re my sunshine in my life, the glint in your eyes, the shine of your hair, your sense of humor and your spontaneity makes you my loving wife. And I will end with a beautiful Italian sentence. “Vorrei donare il tuo sorriso alla luna perché/ Di notte chi la guarda possa pensare a te /Per ricordarti che il mio amore è importante”.

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