Elia Fongaro wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Elia Fongaro wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Elia Fongaro, model of the Cleofe Finati Collections wears the Cleofe Finati suit of the Fashion avant-garde line.

Today’s modern Charlot.
An absolutely innovative model, a reinvention of Charlie Chaplin’s jacket: One of the creations that has enjoyed the greatest success of the 2017 Cleofe Finati Ceremony suits collection.
We note the wavy line that designs the body and envelops it, escaping from the jacket front. It rests on the body, narrow and wrapping shoulder, high and narrow armholes lean sleeves with open sleeve placket, a “sculpting jacket”. We observe the poetry also on the back, “the lily design”. Flaps that become slits, cuts that become pure craftsmanship in the creation and, at the same time, “emphasise the body”.
We observe the enchanting play of grey woven into notes of black to create a yarn-dyed satin in wool (60%) and silk (40%) for the jacket and trousers with a slender and plain line.
Burned and dusty hues are transformed in brocades similar to tapestries with an artisanal texture. Made on Jacquard looms exclusively from silk yarns, they outline the waistcoat and the accessories providing them with a poetic beauty suspended in time. For the refined and elegant waistcoat a very delicate cream ivory, pearl and blued grey, while the double Ascot reveals pale yellow and sunburned earthy tones and inserts blued grey notes and pearly whites to brighten and soften the face.
The waist belt and the suspenders recall the same colours in darker tones and emphasize the applications on the neck and wrists of a bright silk (51%) and cotton (49%) satin shirt.
A pocketchief in straw and earth brocade emphasises the hues of the Ascot combined, for a touch of romance, to a second pocketchief in silk (51%) and cotton (49%) milk white satin on which we will sculpt a white rose.
The ceremonial look is complemented and enhanced by a litis hat with military reminiscences matching the outfit and a pair of lace-up shoes in leather with a metallic grey effect.
A groom outfit with a fashionable line, refined, elegant and sophisticated in its lines and materials, in the choice of the accessories, pure poetry created for Cleofe Finati by Archetipo dedicated to the groom leading together with the bride on the wedding day.

Here the interview of Elia Fongaro

  • There’s something you would like to change? No
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Funny, happy, crazy
  • Who inspires you? Peter pan
  • Your must have? White T-shirt
  • Your favorite fragrance? Jo malone
  • The first thing you look in a girl? Her eyes

Watch Elia Fongaro’s video on the Youtube channel of Cleofe Finati

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