Discover Cleofe Finati collections at Mk Herrenmode

Discover Cleofe Finati collections at Mk Herrenmode

Today Cleofe Finati dedicates a special space to MK Herrenmode, retail store of the collections Cleofe Finati located in Berlin, and to the numerous successes that it continues to get through the experience and the professionalism that distinguish the entire team.


In order to tell the fascinating story of MK Herrenmode we must go back in time, until 15 years ago, when Mr D. Maase moved from its store of wedding rings in Wilmersdorfen Str. to the current in Budapester Str, number 16.
Here, after the experience gained in the field of wedding for about 10 years, Mr. Maase decided to expand the business, presenting for the first time in Budapester Str. what is the current atelier MK Herrenmode, dedicated to men’s formal wear.
In 2013 there is the turning point, marked by the encounter with Derya, with whom started a solid partnership, to which about a month after joined Swen. The trio shows from the beginning a strong agreement that aims to growth and to achieve great goals.
Following the invaluable advices of Derya and the innovative and creative ideas of Swen, Mr. Maase begins a journey on the rise: he starts to advertise the store, element leading to double sales and raise awareness of the professionalism of the services, to which followed the first participation to fairs and an expansion of the staff.
2013 was the year of the breakthrough, so that, given the huge demand, a tailor’s shop has been inserted inside the store, so as not to send the suits outside and to provide the customer with a complete and excellent service.
The sudden growth leads Mr. Maase to expand even more the activity, who decided to open an additional store in Budapester Str. At number 18, right next to the historic number 16.
In 2014 begins the collaboration with Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, made ever more solid over the years thanks to the building of experience, a deep knowledge of formal wear sector and the dedication to excellence, all elements in common between the Maison haute couture and the atelier MK Herrenmode.
Currently in the atelier at number 18, one of the two floors is entirely dedicated to Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, the same brand with which the atelier will soon be exhibiting at Funktum fair with a stand of 240sqm of which 80sqm will be dedicated to the Cleofe Finati collections.

Mk Herrenmode is the perfect store for all the modern soon-to-be grooms who wants a unique wedding suit!
So don’t hesitate to contact the store!

Budapester Strasse 18
10787 Berlin
Tel 030. 25 46 42 80
FB: Mk Herrenmode

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