Daniele & Pamela

The Archetipo Team had the pleasure to interview Daniele & Pamela, one of the couples on the top list of the photo contest “Archetipo Brides & Grooms” edition 2014. We congratulate the couple to have reached the final stage of the competition and we invite Archetipo’s Blog readers to read their special story…


– Talk about your first kiss, please
Our first kiss happened 13 years ago, but I still remember the excitement of that night. It was winter, during the holiday season, we were out with some friends and leaving a club we stopped to chat, when suddenly I went over and kissed her and since then our friendship became the something more that still binds us!

– Who made the marriage proposal? And how it happened?
Daniele asked me to marry him on the occasion of my thirtieth birthday. I was in Rome for a conference and decided to accompany him and organize a weekend in the Eternal City to celebrate my birthday. In the evening he came to take me at the exit of the congress and he took me to this beautiful hotel in the heart of Rome. Here he gave me his birthday gift, a beautiful bag that I wanted so much, but inside I found something more… I did not expect… the joy and excitement of that time are still imprinted in my memory!


– Question for him: Which was your first thought when you saw yourself in the mirrow wearing your Archetipo suit?
My first thought when I saw myself wearing my Archetipo suit was “no history”… I found what I was looking for: not a common suit, but a unique one, refined and elegant where I completely felt comfortable.

– Question for her: Which was your first thought when you saw him wearing his Archetipo’s suit?
My first thought was “Wow”, he was beautiful wearing an original and elegant suit that represented him so much… he could not do a better choice!

– And now dedicate a song to each other…
I dedicate it to Pamela the first song that I dedicated when we met “Heaven” by Bryan Adams
I dedicate to Daniele “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, the song we danced at our wedding

Will be Daniele & Pamela the winners of the contest?
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