“Cleofe Finati Luxury Club”

The ambassador of the “Cleofe Finati Luxury Club” is Salvatore Lombardo, winner of the photo contest “Brides&Grooms in Cleofe Finati”, which interprets and reflects the mind of the Luxury man in his wonderful suit whose design theme is liquid crystals by Cleofe Finati.

abito da sposo cleofe finati
The “Luxury” Man is in fact, a man out of the usual schemes, is leading man, refined in style and who wants the excellence for his suit, just like Salvatore Lombardo.
The Luxury Collection is the Maison line that reflects the fashion and avant-garde style and that is separated from the simple concept of wedding suit.

abito da sposo cleofe finati
In fact, it refers not only to the figure of the contemporary Dandy, but at the same time the man who has a deep sense of beauty, loves to follow the absolute trend of the moment and always wants to look right, able to reinvent the wedding suit and make it suitable for any occasion, without sacrificing the excellence 100% typical of the Maison Cleofe Finati.

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