Cleofe Finati jewels

Cleofe Finati jewels

When it comes to man jewelry, in general, “less is more”. You just few accessories to enhance your outfit, and above all we must always remember that these ornaments should reflect your person and be consistent with your style. For example, a gold chain sends a message totally opposite to what would launch a canvas necklace.
Move in the world of men’s jewelry can be a bit ‘difficult, so, to simplify your choice, I put put together this quick little guide for you of the jewels Cleofe Finati.

This is an area in which a man can really have fun with his suit and show a little of his personality, even in the most formal events. From the traditional in silver and gold, up to the most innovative and colorful ones, Cleofe Finati thinks of each character and personality.

accessori gemelli Cleofe finati by archetipo 2

Necklaces are one of the best accessories for casual wear, especially if you wear a open shirt. Wear one, at most two at a time, if you want to have a more aggressive look

Gioielli uomo cleofe finati by archetipo

When it comes to rings I suggest avoiding the delicate and opt for something strong and masculine, with a little broken-in character. Some people prefer take only one, those who love overdoing adorning the whole hand for a very strong result!

gioielli da uomo cleofe finati by archetipo accessori uomo

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