Cleofe Finati at Pitti Uomo 94

Pitti Uomo is back and it will conquer the streets of Florence and the rooms of Fortezza da Basso from June, 12th through June 15th with the beauty of ceremony’s fashion dedicated to the modern man. Since 1972, the best of the industry gathers in the Tuscan city to launch new trends, collaborations and to reward sartorial excellency thanks to the Pitti Immagine Career Award.

The 92th edition of the trade shiw for mens fashion took place last year and it counted 30,000 visitors and 1,220 men’s fashion brands in 60,000 square feet.

A party to celebrate the dandy style (dandyism) and Cleofe Finati couldn’t miss it, featuring its suits that are more and more elegant and modern and they are not simply for the groom.

Our Maison addresses the dandy man, the man who is not afraid of showing off its beauty and who is not afraid to dress with care and sophistication.

Aestethics isn’t an exclusive of the female universe anymore; it expands to the male world and stylists join the changing reality.

Cleofe Finati dresses the dandy thansk to fashion collections made with passion and dedication, in the best tradition of the Made in Italy.

Our suits for the weddings and the ceremonies perfectly adapt to the style of Pitti Uomo in which elegance is designed for the man who wants to feel handsome. The suits are works of art and every detail matters, from the felt hat to the leather shoes, from the pocket tissue to the walking stick.

Dandyism gets back on stage in Florence until June 15th and the success is granted even in this 94th edition thanks to the ceremony suits for the men who are not scared of following their interests.

As the French poet Charles Baudelaire said: “Dandys cultivate the idea of beauty on themselves and the dresses are the symbol of their aristocracy.”

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