Cleofe Finati fashion show 2016

Cleofe Finati fashion show 2016

Energy in motion, hypnotic power and excellence expressed in details: these are the elements that characterized the fashion show of the collections 2016 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, entitled Ars Life, held on Sunday May 24 at 18:30 at the exhibition space of Sì SposaItalia.

Fashion show Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2016

Pursuit of pleasure: this is the key theme of the Cleofe Finati 2016 collections. The basic ingredients of happiness are here, around us and take shape in subjects and objects to which we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically linked.
The creations Cleofe Finati 2016 are therefore part of the eudaimonistic world around us and become a means of individual achievement towards which we all aim.

Fashion show Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2016 1

The fashion show of the Cleofe Finati 2016 collections has the emblematic title of Ars Life”, which is specifically intended to evoke art and life lived as a work of art and this is also related to the philosophy of dandyism that says that you have to live your entire life as if it is a work of art, but free from to be in this way at all costs.
Moreover, the theme of art is essential, as the collections Cleofe Finati represent the perfect combination of fashion, art and culture.There are three key elements that represent the trend of the new 2016 collections:

The undisputed star of the collection is the color, which is expressed in all its shades and nuances. Particular is the game of contrasting colors that the Maison wanted to create, given by strong and bright colors.
Then there’s the innovation in the use of materials.
It is the avant-garde era when you have to “look ahead” and Cleofe Finati does it within the collections in 2016 through the introduction of totally innovative materials but always 100% made in Italy, as the use of leather for jackets and shoes: is the meeting between tradition and innovation in the manufactory style and the use of materials.
In conclusion the drawing which are 3 and are divided in leaves and flowers: the Cashmere Leaf, the Lotus Flower and the Etnoflower.

Fashion show Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2016 2

The fashion show had great success and admiration, not only among those present, but also on social networks, so it was exceptionally broadcast in live stream on Mererkat and Periscope, thanks to which all Facebook and Twitter users could watch the live stream on the official Facebook page and Twitter profile @archetipoitaly.

Every year Cleofe Finati by Archetipo amazes and enchants the world with its wonderful collections, showing itself as leader in innovation and excellence 100% Made in Italy in the fashion groom and menswear worldwide.

See all the photos of the fashion show here!

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