Cleofe Finati “Brides & Grooms”: Kenneth & Elena

Cleofe Finati “Brides & Grooms”: Kenneth & Elena

Today with Helena of the Teen Blog we had the pleasure to interview Kenneth and Elena, one of the couple participating in the Cleofe Finati Brides & Groom contest, with the participation of Carola Aiola.

Gli sposi a firma Cleofe Finati

– What do you love of her/him?
Kenneth: I love her because she is the only one that made me fall in love
Elena: I love Kenneth because he is so sweet, he.s always ready to help me and stand next to me when I need him

– There’s something you don’t like?
Kenneth: I don’t like that we have to sleep with our dog
Elena: I don’t like the fact that he always changes his mind

– Which color better fits her/him?
Kenneth: I think blue-sky
Elena: Dark blue and orange

Gli sposi a firma Cleofe Finati

And now few questions to the testimonial…

– What he loves of her?
Carola: I think he loves everything of her, especially her courage and her tenderness.

– There’s something he doesn’t like?
This is a good question! I think the fact that she always ask him to do something, for example: can you please wash the car? or something like this

– Which color better fits her?
Carola: I think blue-sky

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