“Cleofe Finati Academy” in Spain with Drop almeira

“Cleofe Finati Academy” in Spain with Drop almeira

The maison haute couture for the 2018 collections continues its flourishing international expansion, bringing the wonder of the collections Cleofe Finati in the Spanish market.

The company 100% Made in Italy, today leaders in 12 countries with its own fashion collections for groom, will be in Spain with Drop Almeira atelier for the “Cleofe Finati Academy”.
The inclusion in the Spanish market began with the trunk shows in the selling points of Cleofe Finati into Iberian market who have chosen to marry and spread the excellence and the style 100% Made in Italy of the Maison Haute Couture, focused on the new collections Cleofe Finati 2018.

The strong synergies and the desire of excellence shared and transmitted in the workshops of “Cleofe Finati Academy” which was also attended by the renowned boutique of clothing for men and ceremony “Drop Almeria”, real benchmark for the groom clothing and men’s formal in Spain.

These training events on the fashion groom and ceremony collections are a tool offered by the fashion house to the sales to support the excellence-oriented philosophy of the whole group.

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