Boutique Specchio, protagonist of “The Groom of the Month”

Thanks to the initiative “The groom of the month” of Archetipo Blog, the store Boutique Specchio in Cerignola (Foggia, Italy) won a space on Archetipo home! During the last year the store published tens of photos of the beautiful grooms that for their wedding chose a Cleofe Finati creation by Archetipo.

Inside Boutique Specchio every groom can find the suit that best interprets his own character thanks to the choice of Cleofe Finati groom collections by Archetipo.
If you are a young men loving fresh fashion lines that keep up with the times…
If you are a modern prince who wants to blossom in splendor on the day of his wedding…
If you are a lover of Beauty and you demand a unique suit for your most special day…
…then trust the experience of Boutique Specchio Staff to find your dream wedding suit! The store already knows what Cleofe Finati by Archetipo garment best suits your desires!

Don’t hesitate to contact the store:

Boutique Specchio di Vincenzo Specchio Gramsci 37
71042 Cerignola (FG)
Tel. e fax  Donna 0885/425933
Tel. Uomo 0885/840931
Facebook: Boutique Specchio

See all the pictures of Boutique Specchio grooms in the section of the Archetipo Blog “The groom of the month”.

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