Believe in luxury and Made in Italy

The 6th edition of the Luxury Summit took place in Milan last Wednesday. The event was organized by the Italian group Sole24Ore and Archetipo could not miss it.

The event was the perfect occasion to discuss the concept of luxury as lifestyle and lifelong commitment to the pursuit of excellence which leads to business success. Present at the event were the main companies that embrace the values of Made in Italy, and defend the truth of the production chain. «Truth that goes from the production until the distribution phase, which has to be discreet and seriously looked after», Brunello Cucinelli explains. Cucinelli is President and CEO of Brunello Cucinelli spa, a world-wide renowned company for the production of cashmere garments.
These choices have been adopted by Archetipo too, since its foundation. Our company has always managed the distribution through its internal Market Managers, without deploying external agents. Such vision is shared by Remo Ruffini, President and CEO of Moncler. A company can grow only if it has the ability to dream, offering a luxury product that keeps consistent over time. Like Moncler, also Archetipo and many other excellent actors pursuing the values of Made in Italy have become market leader by listening to their customers and being directly present on the market, without intermediaries.

Becoming the world leader in your own industry is possible by communicating outwards your dream, in a direct and transparent way. Fundamental is the ability to convey the company’s philosophy to your staff, your partners and the public.
All this wouldn’t be possible without passion. In Archetipo’s suits you can breath the intense emotion that inspire the creativity of the fashion house. The same is stated by Giuseppe Zanotti, President and Creative Director of the company Vicini. In his speech at the Summit Zanotti says that you can tell a successful company by «the love and enthusiasm you can see in their creations. The product is designed in the same way a chef invents a great dish, with the perfect balance of flavours and the peculiarity of the ingredients.» Today Archetipo’s total looks are known for the passion the convey, as the result of the collaboration between internal professionals and the partnership with external artisans which made the history of Italian handicraft.

«Don’t listen to the “elders”, who only keep complaining. Look at the future with enthusiasm and confidence, and keep spreading Made in Italy in the world.» The audience at the 6th Luxury Summit looks truly inspired by these emotional words. The message is to believe in the values of luxury as lifestyle and in Made in Italy. It is a courageous choice, requiring high commitment, but it is the only way to success.

Only this way we can grow our businesses and make our dreams come true. In grand style.

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