Archetipo Workshops on Cleofe Finati 2014 Collections

Archetipo Workshops on Cleofe Finati 2014 Collections

Yesterday ended the last Archetipo’s workshop on the new Cleofe Finati 2014 collections. The event was organized by the company Archetipo who hosted its more important retailers in Udine (Italy) at the historical Kechler Palace, in the heart of the city.


Since 1992 Archetipo is synonym with 100% Made-In-Italy high couture in the men ceremony sector. Over time the company has become market leader, also thanks to the focus that the company puts on the distribution channels. Archetipo’s selling venues are highly selected, in order to promote the “excellence” orientation in each production stage: from the initial total-look design, to the procurement of Italian fabrics and materials of certified quality and moreover to the delivery of the garnments in the hands of the final client.

The Workshop idea to deepen the knowledge on the new Cleofe Finati’s collections was born among the Archetipo’s group and has grown a long tradition so far. The company has always distinguished itself thanks to the emphasis put in the collaboration with its partners, especially with the selling venues.Archetipo wants to offer its retailers an opportunity for enhancing their knowledge of the technical, stylistic and wearability characteristics of the new Cleofe Finati collections, but also for comparing the different sales experiences. The retailers have the possibility to expand their knowledge on the Archetipo’s history and get involved even more in the company’s philosophy which is totally oriented to the 100% Made in Italy quality. In this way, going back to their shops, the retail managers will be able to explain to their customers an even more interesting and involving story, which totally reflect the soul of Cleofe Finati creations.


Every year Archetipo organizes between seven and ten two-day workshops at the company headquarters in Udine (Italy), and about fifty four-hour workshops all around the world, where the stores are located. Furthermore, Archetipo offers to the most skilled and talented sales assistants some additional individual training for examining in deeply the most important aspects of the selling process.

The Workshops on the Cleofe Finati’s collections are a powerful instrument that Archetipo offers to the sales team of its own retailers to sustain the customer orientation of the whole group. Archetipo’s choice to invest in trainings has demonstrated to be successful – let’s never forget, tough, that behind it there are wonderful fashion creations for grooms. Archetipo’s performance indicators have demonstrated the positive results of such choices. In the last years the team’s results have been incredibly positive despite the tough financial and economic conditions that hit also the high fashion industry. This success was definitely related to the evolution in the buying dynamics, especially in the ceremony field. Customers do not anymore look simply for a suit, they rather want to live an emotional shopping experience, which gives shape to the desires that every groom dreams about for his wedding. This was well understood and anticipated by Archetipo, which, thanks to the professionalism of its retailer, offers unique total looks to the grooms that want to be protagonists of their most special day.








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