Archetipo takes Japan

Japan with its traditions and its enchanting landscapes always fascinated everybody.
Often, however, on a trip you can not learn its true essence: it would take months, perhaps years of travel and study in order to understand what are the culture and the traditions of Japanese people.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura

The Archetipo Team armed with a reflex and full of curiosity started to discover the trends of this wonderful country, looking for inspiration to turn into artworks by the refinement typical of the haute couture collections of Cleofe Finati by Archetipo.

Walking through the streets it was very easy to be impressed by the charm that lurks around every corner, shop, dwelling or building: everything is art, everything is culture and it’s like being catapulted in a completely different world where every little thing is inspiration.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura1

So, we transformed into real coolhunters looking for new trends, but also for the traditional dresses, the ones from tissues and lit and bright shades of colors, that have always fascinated with their stylistic richness, their art and their peculiarities: we are talking about the kimono, the haori, the yukata or still about the Geta, the famous and nice thong sandals used by Geishas.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura3

Is a real journey full of discovery, therefore, that  also allowed us  to meet a group of “very unusual girls”, showing us one of the coolest trends among teenagers: the Fashion Lolita.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura4

The Fashion Lolita is a fashion trend spread in Japan that indicates the girls who dress in clothes and accessories, typically considered purely childish, which often take up elements of Victorian and Rococo arts, even if its style had a great diversification. The Lolita look began to stand out primarily for its attention to the materials and workmanship of the clothes.The classic silhouette provides a long skirt to the knee with a bell shape left by various undergarments, but has evolved also in order to include long skirts to the ankle and corsets. Blouses, knee socks or stockings and headdresses are also part of the clothes habitually worn.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura5

Lolita fashion, spread in the ’70s, but especially in the 90’s, years in which it has evolved into many different sub-styles, and is also present as a youth subculture in different parts of the world, such as: the Gothic Lolita, the Sweet Lolita, the Classical Lolita, Punk Lolita and the respective subcategories like Princess Lolita, the Shiro & Kuro Lolita, the Oji Lolita style masculine, the Guro Lolita, the Sailor Lolita, the Country Lolita, the Wa Lolita, the Qi Lolita and finally Casual Lolita.

Giappone Archetipo viaggio ispirazione moda arte e cultura6

So, the one in Japan was a real journey made of adventure that has definitely enriched the cultural background and the curiosity of the whole Archetipo Team, cause we know that this is the secret to always be one step ahead: never stop being curious!

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