Archetipo presents…”A very glam evening”

Archetipo presents…”A very glam evening”

A very glam party for the launch of the Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2016 collections. Last Sunday, May 24th, following the fashion show of presentation of the new collections at Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni, the Maison Archetipo organized the exclusive event “A very glam evening” in the picturesque location of Terrazza Martini, in the heart of Milan.

The evening, in a perfect Archetipo atmosphere, stood out for style and elegance. The event was attended by all the partners with which the Maison works: the most important Italian and foreign boutique ceremony, press, bloggers, wedding planners, artists and celebrities who have embraced the style of the collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo.

Among the ambassadors of style and good taste in Archetipo style, Enzo Miccio, first wedding planner in Italy, the models and faces of Maison Stefano Sala, Andrea Marcaccini, Andrea Offredi and Elia Fongaro, artists such as David E. Moore, Vittorio Centrone and Maurizio Mastrini, the Swiss duo Dust of Soul and the German guitarist Samuel Klemke.

Many surprises during the evening! From the magical entertainment of the artistic performances of the Compagnia di Teatro “Ana-Thema” that enchanted the guests creating happening-events full of surprises and art, elements that have always distinguished Archetipo and that involved and excited with the their art all the guests.

The reasons to celebrate are so many. In fact, Archetipo continues to have a growth thanks to its philosophy focused on the 100% made in Italy excellence and to the belief that the group is stronger than the individual, elements that have made today the Maison Haute Couture leader in fashion groom and ceremony in Italy and worldwide.

The party “A very glam evening” was the perfect opportunity to share the enthusiasm for more and more great successes achieved by the Archetipo group and to give an official welcome to the wonder of the 2016 collection!

Watch all the photos here!

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