Archetipo plastron

This is one of the neck accessories which are most loved by men who choose Archetipo. It’s “the plastron” and it comes from the ancient neck accessories that were knotted…in fact, Archetipo’s neck accessories are often knotted, like tradition and beauty requires. This allows the fabric to “move” and allows us to wear them more or less draped, as the groom prefers.
In fact, Archetipo’s precious plastrons are almost never preassembled, but they have to be knotted with movements that recall back the ones for traditional ties.
The proceeding is quick and very easy (and if it doesn’t seem easy the first time you do it, it will be so after a pair of tries!).
Hold the ribbon and separate the two parts of the plastron with your forefinger, turn the back part around the front part and insert it in the knot from above…
Look at this video, success is granted!
We remind you that this model can be worn after the marriage too, inside the shirt, obviously “unknotted” as it was an ascot.

Some more suggestions:
Knot your plastron before wearing it, it will be easier to arrange it as you like!
To have a good estetical effect, do not tighten the knot too much and adjust the ribbon so the plastron stays high and covers the buttons on the shirt’s neck.
If you are looking for a royal effect, after knotting the plastron, drape the fabric above the knot by slightly pulling it out.
To make the plastron more precious, apply a brooch on the knot (matching with the cufflinks, of course!).

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