Archetipo for sports

Archetipo for sports

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having the volleyball players of PAV at the headquarters of Archetipo, the volleyball club of which Archetipo is official sponsor.
The Archetipo team took the opportunity to interview the seven girls to learn and discover more about their lives and their passions.

Archetipo per lo Sport Pav Udine

Q: What is your nickname?
A: My nickname is Ale
Q: What school do you attend and what is your favourite subject?
A: I go to the high school Giovanni Marinelli and my favourite subject is Math

Q: What is the subject you don’t like?
A: The subject i don’t like is English
Q: When did you start play volleyball and why?
A: I started playing volleyball when I was 10, I remember that I wanted to start some sport and my mother told me to try something, I tried volleyball and I liked it

Q: What role do you play in your team and what do you like about it?
A: Now I play as Outside Hitter and what i really like of this role is to hit
Q: In your opinion, what does it means the word Team?
A: In my opinion the word team means to be part of a group, of something special and to count on your friends in every moment

Q: How do you balance school and sport?
A: Sometime is not easy at all, especially this year that I started high school and i faced new subjects and more homeworks, but if you want you can!
Q: What was the greatest satisfaction that you have achieved in volleyball?
A: My greatest satisfaction was to go into series D
Q: Tell me about something you like
A: I like to go to the beach and play beachvolley

Q: What is the difficulty you encountered in your career as volleyball player?
A: The difficulty I encountered was when I broke my finger and I couldn’t play
Q: In your opinion, what does it means the word commitment?
A: Commitment is to go every day to training

Q: What is your goal in valleyball?
A: My goal is to reach high level
Q: You have a superstitious gesture you do before you start playing?
A: Yes, I do! During every match I always wear the same underwear

Q: What are your strengths?
A: One of the qualities of my personality is that I’m a very sunny person and I always try to work with my friends and help them when they need
Q: What is your weakness?
A: My weakness is that when I’m playing if I wrong something i become demoralized
Q: Tell me something you hate
A: I hate cakes, I don’t like neither the flavour nor the smell

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